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Chemometrics with R

     The purpose of this page is primarily to disseminate the possibilities of using R software and RStudio graphic interface together with statistical packages in problems in the fields of chemistry and chemical engineering. For this are available, files in xlsx and txt  formats containing data and commands with applications in:
     01 - Analytical Chemistry
     02 - Physical-Chemistry: Adsorption and Kinetics
     03 - Basic Statistics
     04 - Design and Analysis of Experiments
     05 - Image Digital Analysis
     06 - Pattern Recognition
     07 - First Order Multivariate Calibration
     08 - Preprocessing and Data Transformation
     09 - Linear and Polynomial Regression
     10 - Quality Control Chart
     11 - Import, save and loading files
     12 - R instructions
     13 - Multivariate Statistical Quality Control
     14 - Book: Vibrational Spectroscopy for plants varieties and cultivars characterization
            Chapter 4: Application of chemometric methods coupled with vibrational spectroscopy for the discrimination of plant cultivars and to predict physicochemical properties using R.
          14.1 - Classification Methods NIR coffee
          14.2 - Multivariate calibration mid-IR edible oils
     To do this, choose the subject of interest and click to download the file (s) related to the theme.

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