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Research Projects

The research projects developed by professors, coworkers and students of the Research Group on Atomic and Molecular Spectrometry and Methods of Separation (LEAMS) include research carried out as undergraduate scientific initiation activities and experimental activities of students of the graduate Programm in Chemical Engineering (PPG-EQ) of UERJ, resulting in work in congresses, master's dissertations and doctoral theses, as well as publications in specialized journals.

Several of these projects are developed in cooperation with other universities in Brazil and abroad. All related projects received financial assistance from agencies or development agencies such as Faperj, CNPq, Capes, Finep or MCT. This contribution of resources allowed the creation and maintenance of a minimum research infrastructure within the PPG-EQ / UERJ, which allowed an increase in the quality of the works developed and contributed appreciably to the achievement of concept 5 in the last CAPES evaluation.

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