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The research lines of the group of Atomic and Molecular Spectrometry and Separation Methods (LEAMS) focus on the interfaces of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Food Science, Oceanography, Statistics and related areas in order to generate knowledge and innovative methodologies for the production and management of scientific and technological information in the field of ​​Exact and Earth Sciences. To this end, it invests in the investigation, analysis, and monitoring of the interactions between the existing elements in these fields of action.
Its activities are concentrated in the areas of classical and instrumental analytical chemistry, as well as the application of chemometric methods for the determination of organic substances, determination of trace elements, development of analytical instrumentation and resolution of environmental problems, focusing on the following areas: Chemometrics, Atomic Spectrometry, ​​Separation Methods, ​​molecular spectrometry and Chemical Engineering, with an emphasis in the field of ​​Chemical Technology.
     These studies are carried out in order to map and diagnose the production of knowledge in science and technology and the interactions between the production and the use of knowledge within the scope of public policies and the productive sector.


  • Design and optimization of experiments

  • Pattern Recognition

  • Multivariate calibration

  • Digital image analysis


​​Atomic Spectrometry

  • Atomic absorption spectrometry

  • Atomic emission spectrometry

  • Chemical speciation analysis

  • Development of vaporizers and atomizers

Separation Methods

  • High performance liquid chromatography

  • Capillary electrophoresis

​​Molecular Spectrometry

  • Molecular Fluorescence

  • Near and near infrared spectroscopy

  • Raman spectroscopy

Chemical Engineering - ​​Chemical Technology

  • Removal of organic and inorganic pollutants from industrial effluents by synthetic and natural adsorbents

Rio de Janeiro State University

Institute of Chemistry

Departament of Analytical Chemistry


Tel: +55 21 2334-0563

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